Micro:bit Explorer's Kit [LB-MICRO-EXPLOR]

Micro:bit Explorer's Kit

Micro:bit Explorer's Kit [LB-MICRO-EXPLOR]

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Note: This is the new version of our Micro:Bit 24 Bit kit and has been updated for the new Micro:Bit V2

The Little Bird Micro:bit Explorer's Kit includes more than 24 tutorials that teach you both how to use the micro:bit with various sensors and electronics with real-world applications. Access to the tutorials are available on our website for free, forever! 

This kit includes the brand new micro:bit V2, which has a lot more (four times more) processing power and (eight times more) RAM than the original microbit! It also has a speaker and microphone, and an extra button that is touch sensitive. The edge connector is also redesigned to work better with crocodile clips. Also new in our kit is the WiFi Module: learn how to connect the micro:bit to the internet and create your own ThingSpeak IoT device! You'll also learn how to use a UV sensor, the brand new Lorikeet light-up board, soil moisture sensor and much more. 

Micro:bit Explorer's Kit

Micro:bit V2
1 x Little Bird Lorikeet Light up board
1 x PIR Motion Sensor
1x Continuous Servo
1 x LS0823 GPIO Breakout Board
1 x 30cm USB cable for Micro:bit
1 x LR0230 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
1 x LR0259 Servo
1 x LR0307 WiFi Module
1 x LR0040 Moisture Sensor
1 x LS2299 UV Sensor
1 x DC Motor with Header Pins
1 x LS0821 Battery
1 x LS3328 40 pin F/F Jumper Wires
1 x LS3328 40 pin M/M Jumper Wires
1 x LS3328 40 pin M/F Jumper Wires
1 x LR0247  Breadboard
1 x LR0022 Button
1 x LS1673 Potentiometer
1 x Atmospheric Pressure Sensor
1 x Hall Effect Module
1 x LR0021 Laser Module
1 x 7 Segment Display Module
1 x Light-dependent Resistor Module
1 x LR0101 Rain Sensor
1 x LR0001 Dual-axis XY Joystick Module 
1 x LR0085 OLED Display Module
1 x LR0018 Reed Switch
10 x Mixed Colours LEDs 5mm
10 x 330ohm Resistors

All in a plastic case that it fits!

They all come with a bunch of step-by-step, illustrated tutorials full of circuit diagrams and code examples:

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