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This is where you'll find all sorts of handy bits and bobs for your projects, or just to stock up your kit box. Wires, LEDs, speakers, power supplies, header pins, sensors, integrated circuits, you name it!
Prototyping Plate (Square)

Prototyping Plate (Square) [DF-FIT0101]

Prototyping Plate $2045

Get it by Tuesday, Jul 12th

This is a really easy use prototyping plate. Basically you can put everything from Arduino board to sensors, even a motor on top of it. It fits M2-M3 screws.NOTE: This product does not ship with the board shown above. Please check the sh......

Nano Expansion Prototype Shield v3.0

Nano Expansion Prototype Shield v3.0 [LB-LS0866]


Get it by Friday, Jul 1st

This Nano Multi-Function expansion board is designed especially for Arduino NanoLead out all digital IO port and analogue IO port, each one with standard positive and negative power interface.Lead out the I2C interface of mainboard for c......

Prototyping Shield for Raspberry Pi 2 /Model A+/Model B+

Prototyping Shield for Raspberry Pi 2 /Model A+/Model B+ [TS-G53F55213D1CF0]


Get it by Friday, Jul 1st

This a Raspberry Pi Model B+ prototyping shield from Tinysine, You can stack it on your Raspberry Pi Model B+ easily. which can snap onto the Pi B+ main board assembly (and is removable later if you wish) and gives you all sorts of proto......

PiBreak Raspberry Pi Prototyping Board

PiBreak Raspberry Pi Prototyping Board [FT-PIBR]


Get it by Friday, Jul 1st

Need to attach some electronic components or sensors to your Raspberry Pi? PiBreak is a prototyping board for the Raspberry Pi. It provides labelled breakout pins for all GPIOs, a large prototyping area with solder pads, and power rail......

Prototyping Plate (round)

Prototyping Plate (round) [DF-FIT0175]

DFRobot $1772

Get it by Tuesday, Jul 12th

FIT0175(Prototyping Plate) is a round prototyping plate. It can provide the convenient mounting solution similar to the square shape version(Prototyping Plate)for micro-controllers and sensors, it can also be mounted on the Turtle-2......

The Prototype HARP

The Prototype HARP [SF-SPX-14379]

SparkFun $13189

Out-Of-Fiction A mysterious device... a rogue AI... a dark secret... The Prototype is a hardware alternate reality puzzle (HARP) designed to put your puzzle solving and hardware hacking skills to the test. In other words, it's an escape ......

Prototyping Board - SOP8

Prototyping Board - SOP8 [DF-FIT0290]

DFRobot $080

Get it by Tuesday, Jul 12th

This is a SOP8 to DIP8 Adapter Board. You can change the SOP8 to DIP8 packaging.So that You needn't to buy the DIP chips for prototyping specially.Just solder the SMD chips on the board and plug it into the bread board will make you co......

ArduSat Prototyping Module

ArduSat Prototyping Module [FT-ASPM]

Freetronics $501

Get it by Friday, Jul 1st

This is the board that was used to hand-assemble early prototypes of the first two ArduSat satellites that went into space in 2013. We have a small number of these left over from that production run, so this is your chance to own a pie......

Prototyping Shield for Arduino

Prototyping Shield for Arduino [DF-DFR0019]

DFRobot $1772

Get it by Friday, Jul 1st

This is the very first prototyping shield for Arduino in the market since 2010. It comes with prototyping area that you can sold led , switch or other components, it also comes with a mini Arduino breadboard that can stick on the prototy......

Helium Atom Prototyping Module

Helium Atom Prototyping Module [SF-WRL-14549]

SparkFun $8800

Get it by Tuesday, Jul 12th

The Helium Atom Prototyping Module is a low-power, dual-band wireless module perfect for developers. The pin layout is compatible with many existing embedded devices. Atom devices connect to the nearest Element Access Point using Helium’......

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