Electronics Made in Australia by Maddy

Electronics Made in Sydney

These products have been ✋ hand (or 🤖 robot) made by our founder Maddy in Sydney, Australia.

Most of or products are named after birds.

ShakeUp Board

The ShakeUp is a better alternative to getting the 🇨🇳 Chinese made Makey. Unlike the Makey, the ShakeUp:

  • 🦘 is Made in Australia
  • 💰 is way Lower Cost
  • 🌡 includes a Temperature Sensor
  • 👋 includes a Gyroscope and Accelerometer
  • 💼 comes with a protective storage case

We sell the ShakeUp in three versions ShakeUp Board Only, as ShakeUp Standard Kit and ShakeUp Deluxe Kit.

EagLED E-Textiles Range

EagLED is Little Bird's line of E-Textiles kits (they're similar to SparkFun's Lilypad and Adafruit's Gemma/Flora line).

Unlike Flora and Gemma, the EagLED line has made affordances for Australian Standards, including the use of screws to secure coincell batteries.

Finch Low Cost E-Textiles Board

Finches are designed to be a 💰 Low Cost 🦘 Australian made alternative to the Lilypad / Lilytiny.

Micro:Bit Accessories

The Ausboard micro:bit accessory made by Maddy that helps you teach Australian state capitals, represent temperature data, show population percentages and more!

Raspberry Pi Accessories

Maddy makes a number of Raspberry Pi accessories including the Little Bird Breakout Nest (an easy way to add sensors and actuators to your Raspberry Pi) and Toucan (an addressable RGB LED board based on the APA102).

LED Accessories

The Little Bird Lorikeet is an addressable RGB LED board based on the WS2812B.

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