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Little Bird Macaw WS2812B Rainbow Board 3 LED

We have ✅ 396 available of the LB-MACAW in our Sydney warehouse.

Express post delivery (2-5 business days)
The Little Bird Macaw is an RGB LED strip 3 programmable LEDs.
This Australian made board uses the WS2812B LED (better known as NeoPixels).

This LED strip has a chain-able design means you can hook up several modules of these RGB LEDs to increase the length of your project. You only need a single micro-controller pin (like on Arduino, Micro:bit or Raspberry Pi Pico) to control as many as you can chain together!
Each one has 18mA constant current drive so the colour will be very consistent even if the voltage varies.

The Macaw can also be used with Adafruit NeoPixel Libraries.

With just 3 LEDs this is perfect to set up a set of traffic lights on your project.  We also recommend the 3pin to loop jumper wire if you want to use these with the micro:bit.

Not sure where to start? Check out our guides on the Lorikeet with Arduino (this is the 5 LED version). Alternatively, you could learn to build a temperature indicator with it and the Raspberry Pi Pico.

This Little Bird Macaw is made locally in Sydney, Australia!

  • 1x Little Bird Lorikeet RGB LED Strip
  • 5V input voltage.
  • WS2812B(datasheet) - RGB LED
  • Single Wire Serial
  • 2x 3 pin header
  • Dimensions: 9mm (width) x 45mm (height) x 5mm (depth)

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