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The ShakeUp makes you a STEAM inventor by helping you to connect everyday objects to your computer. If you can plug in a Keyboard and Mouse, you can use the ShakeUp. 
The Magic Science
When you plug the ShakeUp into your computer, your computer thinks it's just a regular keyboard and mouse, but when you hook objects up to the ShakeUp using the included alligator clips. 
When you close the electrical circuit, the ShakeUp sends a keyboard stroke or mouse signal to your computer.
Unlike other boards on the market that do similar things, the ShakeUp also includes a temperature sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope.
With the addition of these sensors:
  •  you can detect tilting (forward, backward, left and right)
  • detect knocks and bumps (great for physics experiments)
  • collect temperature data
Made in Australia
To ensure quality, we (Little Bird) make the ShakeUp in Sydney, Australia.
The other cool thing about the ShakeUP is the beautiful patterns and colours we can put on the board.  We have many designs including Space, Circuit Board, and Funky colours.   The colour of your board will be chosen AT RANDOM - but if you have a preference please leave a comment at checkout and we will do our best
To get this working, you will need a USB micro-b cable and alligator clips

The ShakeUp Board Only appears in the following collections: