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Wireless in Arduino & Microcontrollers

Arduino and other Arduino-compatible microcontrollers are perfect when you need a small, rock-solid controller for your project. Program them, pop them into your project, and they'll happily run forever.
Arduino Wireless Proto Shield

Arduino Wireless Proto Shield [DF-DFR0409]

DFRobot $4569

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INTRODUCTION  The Arduino Proto shield allows an Arduino board to communicate wireless using a wireless module. It is based on the Xbee modules from Digi, but can use any module with the same footprint. The module can communicate up to 1......

Arduino Wireless SD Shield

Arduino Wireless SD Shield [DF-DFR0152]

DFRobot $7615

The Arduino Wireless SD Shield provides a 3.3v regulated Digi Xbee slot for easy wireless connectivity, a uSD (micro Secure Digital) slot for onboard storage capabilities, and a compact prototyping board area for custom additions. T......

Wireless GamePad V2.0 for Arduino

Wireless GamePad V2.0 for Arduino [DF-DFR0182]


The Wireless Joystick v2 for Arduino is the first gamepad based on Arduino from DFRobot. It support Xbee, Bluetooth, RF and Wifi via the Xbee socket. Makes it possible to custom your own wireless communication for controlling your ......

WiFiBee-MT7681 (Support Arduino WiFi Wireless Programming)

WiFiBee-MT7681 (Support Arduino WiFi Wireless Programming) [DF-TEL0107]


The WiFi Bee MT7681 is an Arduino WiFi XBee module based on the MT7681 serial Wi-Fi module. It is compatible with an XBee slot, supports Arduino wireless programming and is ideal for Internet of Things (IoT), home automation and robo......

NRF24L01 Wireless Shield SPI to I2C Interface for Arduino

NRF24L01 Wireless Shield SPI to I2C Interface for Arduino [EC-CNRF24L01I]


Get it by Monday, Jan 1st

This is a platform using the ATMEGA48 to help you using the NRF24L0 Module easily. It uses the I2C (TWI) communication protocol to communicate with other controller such as the Arduino thus to simplify the NRF24L01 communication. With th......

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