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We have ✅ 9 available of the LB-LR0214-148A in our Sydney warehouse.

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Product Overview:
Our PN532 NFC module is based on a common board design for the PN532 chip used in near field communication (NFC) applications in the 13.56MHz frequency range with a maximum communication distance of 30mm. The board possesses it's own antenna and is capable of communicating  via SPI, IIC (I2C) and UART. The board is designed to be compatible with both type A and B ISO14443 standards. There are also libraries available for both Raspberry pi and Arduino.
  • IC:    NXP PN532
  • Operating Voltage:    3.3V
  • Power Supply Voltage:    3.3~5.5V
  • Max Supply Current:    150mA
  • Working Current(Standby Mode):    100mA
  • Working Current(Write Mode):    120mA
  • Working Current(Read Mode):    120mA
  • Indicator:    PWR
  • Interface:SPI Interface, Std Raspberry Pi 20pins Interface

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SKU LB-LR0214-148A