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We have ✅ 12 available of the MD-30002 in our Sydney warehouse.

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Top up your Makedo cardboard construction tools with:
50x Makedo SCRU XL
See how easy it is to connect more cardboard using Makedo cardboard construction tools!
Use the Makedo SCRU-DRIVER and SCRU XL to join 3 or more layers of cardboard together. Simply punch a hole through the material, insert the SCRU XL into the socket on the end of the SCRU-DRIVER, and then with a few quick turns the cardboard will be securely joined.
These re-usable scrus can be used to connect cardboard of various thicknesses together.  At Little Bird we have been using these Scrus since they first appeared on the market!  Some of our favourite projects have been Mr Makedo - a robot who had a servo arm that could wave up and down.  The Little Bird Logo at 2018 Edutech and our sign at work!
They are great in Education for Prototyping ideas and creating engineering project.  We have seen project where a team creates a 'boat' using boxes and scrus and how long they can withstand a catapult onslaught. Also gripper arms,  build-your-own fort or weight bearing bridges.

The SCRU XL 050 by Makedo appears in the following collections:

SKU MD-30002