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The TIMI to Click adapter is designed to provide development boards/modules which have a mikroBUS™ Click socket, with a MatesBUS interface, to connect products such as the TIMI-96 directly. This adapter provides any board that supports the mikroBUS™ Click socket with a MatesBUS interface to connect products of any TIMI model directly to the Raspberry Pi bus.
The Click Adapter features a 5-pin programming header to program the connected device directly through the Click Adapter, using the Mates Programmer. A selection switch allows switching between device programming mode or connection of the device to the Host, allowing the Click Adapter connected to the Host board when the connected device (such as the TIMI-96) requires programming. The only interface to the MatesBUS is a 3.3V level Asynchronous Serial UART, used for communication between the Host and the connected device on the MatesBUS. Reset to the MatesBUS is also connected to the RST of the mikroBUS™.

The TIMI to Click Adapter appears in the following collections:

SKU SF-DEV-19257