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RFID made easy! RFID Wiz is the easiest way to include RFID in all your projects. Their ONE-TOUCH training system will have you reading RFIDs in no time! Designed for art installations, museums, escape rooms, etc but can be used any time you want to add quick "touch to activate" behavior.
Training your RFID Wiz can be done in three simple steps:
  1. Connect Tag Reader to RFID Wiz Board with the gray ribbon cable. Power it with the 12V power supply.
  2. Learn by placing an RFID tag against the red Tag Reader and tapping the Train button.
  3. Read that tag again and you'll flip the relay, and also power the 5V trigger! Your RFID Wiz is now TRAINED to recognize that tag! Your RFID Wiz can learn up to 5 tags.
Erase your RFID Wiz's memory by pressing the TRAIN button five times quickly. The status LED will FLASH RED three times. Enter TOGGLE mode by pressing the TRAIN button three times quickly. The status LED will glow AMBER.
Kit Contents:
  • RFID Wiz Board
  • 13.56MHz Tag Reader Board
  • 12V 2A Power Supply
  • 6-pin JST-XH cable
  • 2-pin JST-XH cable
  • RFID Keyfob
  • RFID Card
  • 5 x RFID Stickers
  • Detailed Instruction Card

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SKU AF-5402