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Are you still bothered by the Raspberry Pi fever problem? Don’t worry, we have prepared a cooling solution for the Raspberry Pi 4B. Aluminum heat sink is adopted due to its highly cooling feature and excellent resistance to oxidation, which can effectively avoid chip over-heating problem.

The surface is designed with slotting, which is more conducive to the discharge of heat. The heat sink comes with back glue, easy to use.


  • Dimension

Black heat sink with adhesive (L): 14.4 * 14 mm / 0.57 * 0.55 inch

Black heat sink with adhesive (M): 14.3 * 9.9 mm / 0.56 * 0.39 inch

Black heat sink with adhesive (S): 9.1 * 9.1 mm / 0.36 *0.36 inch

  • Adhesive in heatsink 
  • Material: aluminum

The Heatsink Kit for Raspberry Pi 4B appears in the following collections: