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CircuitPython Book for Beginners 1 (Japanese) - STEAM Tokyo

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If Adafruit were a manga, it would definitely look like this. Wow, wouldn't that be mega-sugoi? Ladyada-sensei, notice me! It's difficult not to feel like an excited otaku while looking at this enchanting cyber-bishoujo cover. 

New Ada-friend Mitsuharu Aoyama has published a beautiful, thoughtfully designed beginner's book on CircuitPython with Circuit Playground Express. We are pleased and gratified to see folks around the world use our programming language, and we look forward to seeing the book on our shelf.

Please note, this book is in Japanese with no English translation text!

From the cover artist, Ruri Tobari, "Limitless hue of the spectral color represents the infinite possibilities by multiplying the programmatic necessity by the creativity of the Circuit Playground Express users. I would be happy if my artwork visualizes the multiplicity of the possibility of CPX."

Book comes with a kawaii little card with QR code and password to download the .pdf version.

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