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Bangle.js - Hackable Javascript Smart Watch

Bangle.js is an open, hackable smartwatch that anyone can code for - and best of all it's open source so you don't have to worry about a server getting shut down and losing functionality - it's fully self-sufficient! You can easily install new apps from the web or develop your own using JavaScript or a graphical programming language (Blockly). All you need is a Web Browser (Chrome, Edge, or Opera), and you can upload apps or write code to run on your watch wirelessly! Bangle.js is waterproof and AI-enabled and comes with Bluetooth Low Energy, GPS, a heart rate monitor, an accelerometer, and more.

Software Specs

  • Easy to code and debug wirelessly using JavaScript or our graphical editor (based on Blockly)
  • Pre-programmed with the Espruino Open Source JavaScript interpreter 
  • Vast majority of JavaScript ES5 features and many ES6 features including Regular Expressions, Promises, Arrow Functions, Template Literals
  • 40kB RAM for program memory/variables
  • Bluetooth 4.2 Advertising, Central and Peripheral mode support with built-in Nordic UART service
  • Graphics library with Vector fonts, bitmap rotate & scale
  • Tensorflow Lite for Microcontrollers AI
  • Wear-levelled flash filesystem
  • Heatshrink compression
  • Upload functions written in C or ARM Assembler
  • Built-in wireless debugging
  • VT100 Terminal support on LCD
  • Program with Web-based Web Bluetooth IDE or Node.js-based command line tools

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