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Argon One V2 is an upgraded version of Argon One. It has a built-in upgraded adapter board, and the interface is standard HDMI, no adapter cable is required, which is convenient for connecting to the display.

It is fully compatible with Raspberry Pi 4, and made with aluminum alloy, and polished with a modern Space Grey finish for stunning aesthetics and functionality. It offers one of the best cooling solutions for Raspberry Pi 4. The case has an extension that connects to the processor with a thermal cooling pad so that heat from the processor is transferred to the case. Besides, the case comes with a built-in PCB board with a fan attached to actively cool the computer further.

All the ports are accessed on the back of the case, neat and beautiful. There is also a power button on the back so you can easily turn on your Raspberry Pi and perform safe shutdowns, reboots, and forced shutdowns.

Raspberry Pi Status | Operating Actions | Functions
Off | Short press | Power on
On | Press over three seconds | Soft shutdown or power off
On | Press three seconds or less | No function
On | Double click | Restart
On | Press over five seconds | Mandatory shutdown
The built-in PCB board extends the GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi with the pins being color-coded to easily identify the pin functions. Also, the pins are clearly labeled for convenient use.

The interface expansion board can transfer the audio and HDMI interfaces of the Raspberry Pi to the side, making full use of space and forming a square aluminum alloy overall structure.

Each hole is highly fitted to the motherboard, and vents are reserved at the top and bottom. With the fan inside the casing, it can further solve the heating problem of the Raspberry Pi 4 and ensure that the Raspberry Pi will not overheat after long-term use.


This product does not include Raspberry Pi 4 series motherboards.

In order to ensure the safety of Raspberry Pi, it is recommended to install the case before inserting the TF card.

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