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The "Wild Thumper" 6WD All Terrain Chassis (Black, 34:1) is made from 2mm thick anodized aluminum plate with stainless steel and nickel plated brass fittings. It is provided with 6 powerful steel geared motors, spiked tractor tyres and a "Super Twist" suspension system to keep all wheels on the ground. This chassis will let your robot go almost anywhere. "Outdoor search and rescue robot research" is not only an important subject in universities, but also leads to the development direction of military applications. Each unit comes pre-assembled in a colour printed box. Wheels only need to be fitted with supplied allen key. A simple printed manual is included.


  • Maximum load: 5kg
  • Gear ratio: 34:1, Black
  • Rated voltage: 6V DC (Min. 2V and Max. 7.5V)
  • No load current per motor: 350mA
  • Spiked tractor tyres
  • "Super Twist" suspension system


  • 6WD All Terrain Chassis x1

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