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5.5 1920x1080 mini-HDMI OLED Display with Capacitive Touchscreen

145 units will be available shortly.

Express post shipping available (product is on backorder)

This is a 5.5" mini-HDMI OLED-Display with Capacitive Touchscreen. It has 1920×1080 HDMI high-definition output and comes with a capacitive touch panel on its screen. The touch panel supports multi-touch which can simultaneously identify 5 touch points at most. Besides, the USB touchscreen adopts DFRobot driver-free technology. So without the special requirement of installing drivers, the touchscreen can be used as easy as a keyboard or a mouse. It can be directly plugged into a computer for touching control, which is able to replace the mouse. In combination with an HDMI display screen, the display device turns into a tablet PC in seconds!

The screen supports three mainstream operating system: Windows, Linux, and MACOS. It can work with Lattepanda, Raspberry Pi and other devices with HDMI output, which can truly be totally compatible with all platforms. The design of the special hole on the back of the screen is convenient for the direct installation of the product in Raspberry PI's controller. There is no need to provide an external power supply for the screen as it can be powered by USB port. In addition, the hardware backlight of this display can be adjust through the OS control.

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