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This low cost 4WD outdoor mobile robot platform kit is perfect for the robot enthusiast looking for an outdoor mobile robot platform, but does not want to spend too much money. The kit comes complete with 4x gearmotors, outdoor wheels, aluminum frame and mounting hardware. The two plates include space for a standard sized servo motor. To complete the kit, you would need a dual motor controller and a receiver or microcontroller.

The 4WD four-wheel-drive robot chassis is a platform for independent research and development. When compared with traditional 3-driven platform, the 4WD use 4 independent drive motor, which makes it more powerful and provide climbing ability for outdoor applications. Note: This is a platform only, Recommend the following accessories: 15A DC Motor Driver Romeo V2 microcontroller GPS module APC220 wireless communication module 360 Degree Laser Scanner V2


  • Four encodered DC motors
  • Includes 4x gearmotors
  • Aluminum frame and mounting hardware
  • Speed: 80 cm/s
  • Electronics, camera, servo motors sold separately
  • Package Dimensions: 360mm x 355mm x 165mm
  • 27cm (Length) x 20cm (width) x 6cm(height) 10.6in (Length) x 7.9in (width) x 2.4in (height) (rectangular base)
  • 27cm (Length) x 20cm (width) x 7cm(height) 10.6in (Length) x 7.9in (width) x 2.8in (height) (upper deck)



WIKI (4WD Outdoor Mobile Platform (SKU:ROB0001))

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