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Crack the Code Teaching Resources

"Crack the Code" is an educational unit designed to immerse students in the world of digital technologies, specifically coding. It is part of the Technology Mandatory syllabus, catering to a 25-hour curriculum requirement. The unit focuses on developing students' knowledge, skills, and understanding of coding, using hands-on tools like the Arduino Uno and MAAS ThinkerShield.

Through a mix of practical exercises, video tutorials, and comprehensive resource materials, students are introduced to key concepts such as binary systems, pseudocode, and the use of variables and conditional statements.

The programme aims to provide a foundational understanding of digital technologies, encouraging problem-solving skills and creative thinking in a technological context. This makes "Crack the Code" an essential part of modern education, equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate and contribute to a digitally driven world.



Hardware Resources

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Introduction to the Arduino Uno and MAAS ThinkerShield

An introduction to the Arduino Uno and ThinkerShield showing the components and assembly

Connecting the Arduino

A guide to connecting the Arduino to the computer, configuring the Arduino IDE and uploading your first sketch.

Tracing the 01 blink sketch

An explanation of the blink sketch and an introduction to pseudocode.

Troubleshooting the code

Troubleshooting some common problems with the Arduino sketch.

The if Statement

An introduction to variables and using if statements to include branching in your code.

Analogue inputs

The difference between analogue and digital, using analogue inputs and the serial monitor.

Connecting the LED and button to the Arduino

An introduction to using a breadboard to connect an LED and push button to the Arduino including a basic explanation of limiting and pull down resistors.

Connecting a potentiometer to the Arduino

How to connect a potentiometer to the analogue inputs on an Arduino Uno.

An introduction to binary

An introduction to binary and how ASCII uses whole numbers to represent text.