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We have ✅ 10 available of the LB-CTC-2-KIT-NO-ARDUINO in our Sydney warehouse. An extra 100 units will be available shortly.

Express post delivery (2-5 business days)
3V vertical water pump
 | EF-11098

Soil moisture sensor
 | LB-LR0040

5V 1-channel relay board module
 | LB-LR0002

Jiffy box - Black - 158 x 95 x 53mm
 | TB-HB6011

40 pin 15cm jumper wire M/M
 | LB-00160

Arduino power supply 9VDC 500mA
 | TB-MP3146

Terminal block

The Crack the Code V2.0 kit no Arduino or Shield appears in the following collections: