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Terminal Block Board for Raspberry Pi Pico

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This Raspberry Pi Pico terminal expansion board is just right for makers who love using terminal blocks for wiring up their projects!

The board has all pins of Pico broken out into terminal blocks and provides users with additional GDI, 5V output, and 7-24 power input. Each port is labeled with clear silkscreens. All terminal blocks (except GND) have LED indicators for status indicating, which can be turned off using the onboard switch when not required.

Board Overview

I2C Hardware Connection

GDI Hardware Connection

  • Terminal blocks, make connections more stable and reliable
  • All pins of the main board are broken out
  • External Voltage Input: 7-24V
  • Clear color silkscreens
  • GDI for connecting the display
  • Terminal block status indicator
  • Terminal block status indicator switch

  • Specification
  • External Voltage Input: 7~24V
  • Screen Interface: GDI
  • GPIO x27
  • GND x5
  • 5V Port x2
  • 3.3V Port x2
  • Port LED Indicator x35
  • Port LED Indicator Color: blue
  • Default ON Port Indicator: 3.3V, 5V, VSYS, VBUS, VREF
  • Dimension (Without Package): 61mmx93.5mm/2.40x3.68"

  • Documents

  • Product wiki
  • Schematics
  • 3D File
  • CAD File
  • Dimensions
  • SchDoc

  • Shipping List
  • Terminal Block Board for Raspberry Pi Pico x1
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