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Stacking Header Set for Raspberry Pi Pico

We have ✅ 14 available of the PH-103531 in our Sydney warehouse.

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Got a new Raspberry Pi Pico? Great! If you want to hook up components, sensors or any other fun stuff to the GPIO, you're going to need some form of header to use with jumper wires or breadboards.

Our Raspberry Pi Pico Female Header Set includes two 20-pin stacking header strips for the main GPIO pin sections, a 3-pin stacking header for the debug port and a bonus 3-pin male header (in case you prefer a male header for debugging).

You'll need to solder these on to your Pico yourself. The images are just to show you an example of what they will look like once assembled.

You can solder these any way you like, but we prefer to fit them with the female plastic side upwards as it allows you to plug the Pico into a breadboard and access the pins from the top of the board too!

Raspberry Pi Pico not included! Assembly (soldering) required.

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SKU PH-103531