Kitronik ZIP96 Retro Gamer for Raspberry Pi Pico [KI-5347]

Kitronik ZIP96 Retro Gamer for Raspberry Pi Pico

Kitronik ZIP96 Retro Gamer for Raspberry Pi Pico [KI-5347]

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The Kitronik ZIP96 is a fully programmable feature-packed retro-styled handheld gaming solution for the Raspberry Pi Pico. It's fully loaded with awesome features, including a 96 LED display, that can be fully controlled with code for a complete gaming experience. Kitronik has developed a set of lesson plans for this product, that enables successful Computing lessons at KS3/4 (US equivalent - Grades 6-8/9-10). Though developed for use in the classroom, the ZIP96 Retro Gamer is ideal for anyone who already has a Pico or sees a Pico in their immediate future.

The ZIP96 features 96 colour fully addressable LEDs arranged in a 12 x 8 display, a buzzer for audio feedback, a vibration motor for haptic feedback, and 6 input buttons (typical use; 4 x directional buttons and 2 x action buttons). It also breaks out GP1, GP11, ADC1 and ADC2, along with a set of 3.3V and GND for each, to standard 0.1” footprints. GP18 to 21 are also broken out on a 0.1” footprint underneath the Pico. The Pico is connected via low-profile 20-way pin sockets.

To use the ZIP96 Gamer the Pico should have a soldered pin header and be inserted firmly into the connector. The ZIP96 does not ship with a Pico, Pico with soldered headers are available separately here. The Pico pins will stick through the board slightly as the pin sockets are low-profile.

Power is provided via the built-in 3 individual AA battery holders which have been ergonomically placed on the underside of the board to act as hand grips, which makes the ZIP96 comfortable to hold and play.

Kitronik has developed a MicroPython module and sample code to support using the ZIP96 Gamer with the Pico. This code is available from our GitHub repo here. The module is available on PyPI in Thonny, details on how to add and manage modules from PyPI in Thonny can be found here.


  • This handheld gamer is supplied fully assembled, just add power, a Pico, and some code.
  • The ZIP96 does not ship with a Pico

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