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Ever wanted a simple way of activating your robot from across the room? We designed this remote controller to be as simple, small, and affordable so that for the majority of the projects you've built, you will no longer need to move constantly to swtich it on/off. Our infrared remote control offers two buttons - the simplist and most straightforward "ON"and "OFF" interaction. With a little programming you can also alter these two keys for commands like "move forward/backward" or "missle unlock/missle launch" combinations, you name it. Note: The remote control comes with a CR2025 coin cell battery.



  • Encoded Format: NEC, Address is 0x00FF
  • Assign Buttons: ON(0x02) and OFF(0x98)
  • Battery Type: CR2025 coin cell
  • Frequency: 38Khz
  • Transmitting Range: >8m
  • Transmitting Angle: 60°
  • Facial materials: 0.125mm PET
  • Current: 3-5uA( Quiescent)/3-5mA(Dynamic)
  • Dimensions: 86x40x6mm(3.39x1.57x0.24")



  • IR Remote Controller (2-Key) x1 (include battery)

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