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We have ✅ 3 available of the WS-16865 in our Sydney warehouse.

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Note: Raspberry Pi and micro SD card are NOT included.


The GamePi20 is a mini retro video game console based on Raspberry Pi Zero / Zero W / Zero WH, recalls you all the gaming pleasures in the memory.

This accessory pack includes add-ons required to build your own GamePi20, excerpt for the Raspberry Pi and micro SD card.


  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero / Zero W / Zero WH
  • 2.0inch IPS display, 320x240 pixels
  • Integrates battery charge circuitry, powered from 14500 lithium battery, plays anywhere anytime
  • Battery life indicator
  • Immersion gold process, high quality material, carefully crafted
  • Onboard speaker and earphone jack, listen to the familiar BGM from the old days
  • Volume and backlight adjustment, make the most comfortable experience by your own


GamePi20 dimensions

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SKU WS-16865