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ALL TERRAIN Multi Function Tracked Robot

We have ✅ 1 available of the TB-KJ8918 in our Sydney warehouse.

Express post delivery (2-5 business days)
There are a LOT of parts to assemble in this kit, including the hard-wire remote control. You do, however end up with a fantastic piece of robotic gear. It is primarily a terrestrial 6 track (i.e. 3 separate tractor-crawlers each side) unit. The crawlers can be reconfigured to operate as grippers, or even as a forklift type mechanism. You will need lots of time to put this thing together, but it will be a pleasure as the 50 page instruction manual is superb with dozens of good old-fashioned line drawings, which are still the best for clarity. There is very little electronics (indeed none really,) but a tremendous amount of mechanical assembly. Electric motors are included.
This kit could form the basis of a sophisticated robotic platform with the addition of feedback systems, much of which are in the Jaycar catalogue.
 * It would make a fabulous gift for a very bright 13+ year old
 * Batteries AA x 4 are extra

 Assembly Part 1 - The Remote
 Assembly Part 2 - The Base
 Assembly Part 3 - The Gripper and top section
 Finished and in action!


 Assembly required 

 | Kit Form  |  Full Form (circuit and enclosure)
 | Kit Group  |  Mechatronics
 | Difficulty  |  Complex
 | Contains High Voltage Components  |
 | Instructions Included  |
 | Tools required  |  Long Nose Pliers
 | Recommended Minimum Age  |  13Yr
 | Length  |  90mm
 | Width  |  40mm
 | Depth  |  30mm
Warranty: 3 Months 

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