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Adafruit Pro Trinket 6-Pack - 3 x 3V and 3 x 5V Trinkets

We're no longer selling this pack of Pro Trinket 3V+5V, we recommend our Metro Mini (5V 328P with USB-Serial Converter), Feather 328P (3.3V 328P with USB-Serial and LiPo charger), ItsyBitsy 32u4 (Available in both 3.3V and 5V) and the ItsyBitsy M0. The Metro Mini and Feather 328p both use the same ATmega328P chip, but come with a real USB-serial converter chip. The ItsyBitsy boards have 'native' USB and are almost the same size. None of these boards are perfect drop-in-compatible with all the pins in the same location, but they all have equivalent or improved capabilites!


Trinket's got big sisters in town - the Pro Trinket 3V and the Pro Trinket 5V!

Pro Trinket combines everything you love about Trinket with the familiarity of the common core Arduino chip, the ATmega328. It's like an Arduino Pro Mini with more pins and USB tossed in, so delicious.

Trinket's a year old now, and while its been great to see tons of tiny projects, sometimes you just need more pins, more FLASH, and more RAM. That's why we designed Pro Trinket, with 18 GPIO, 2 extra analog inputs, 28K of flash, and 2K of RAM.

Be the life of your (hackerspace) party when you show up with this six-pack! Get 6 Adafruit Pro Trinkets at 12% off - comes with 3 x 3V Trinkets, and 3 x 5V Trinkets.


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