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5M Flexible el wire with battery holder 5mm - Orange

We have ✅ 16 available of the LB-LR0335-O in our Sydney warehouse.

Express post delivery (2-5 business days)

This 5m length of EL wire (electroluminescent wire) is a flexible wire coated with phosphor which glows blue when applied with the appropriate voltage. Whilst EL wire looks similar to a thin neon tube, the wire is in fact flexible and cold to the touch when running. EL wire is great for creating costumes or pimping your ride/computer/crib.

To drive the EL Wire you need to use the included EL inverter which takes two AA batteries. The EL inverter is connected to the EL wire via JST - SH connectors.

This particular wire glows Orange and is 5m in length, 5mm in diameter and is terminated with a JST - SH connector.

Note: The inverter requires 2x AA batteries which are not included.


  • EL Wire Dimensions: Length 5m, Diameter 5mm
  • Solid "on" mode for inverter
  • Flashing mode for inverter
  • Inverter automatically shuts off when EL wire disconnected


  • 5m Orange EL Wire
  • EL Wire Inverter

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