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This easy-to-use 16850 battery holder with dual-slot offers micro and type-C charging inputs, and it can be installed with two 18650 batteries, five 5V/2A output ports, five 3.3V/1A output ports, and one 5V USB output. 
It comes with overcharge and over-discharge protections that greatly extend the lifespan of your 18650 battery. The onboard DIP switch allows users to switch between HOLD and NORMAL modes. In Normal mode, it auto shutdown when the current is too low, while in HOLD mode, it keeps outputting and does not shut down until the over-discharge protection is triggered. 
This battery holder can be worked as the power source for microdevices, outdoor equipment, or DIY smart vehicles. 

Board Overview 

The maximum current is 3A (3A is not recommended), and the output of the current depends on the quality of the 18650 battery. 
Pay attention to battery polarity when installing. The + and - are clearly marked on the board, and the wrong direction will burn the module.

With overcharge and over-discharge protections

Power source for microdevices, outdoor equipment, and DIY smart vehicles

Output current: 5V/2A, maximum support 3A; 3.3V/1A
Protection: with overcharge and over-discharge protection
Input: Micro and Type-C input
Output: USB output*1, 3.3V output port*5, 5V output port*5
LED indicator (blinking means charging, stop blinking means fully charged)

Shipping List
2-Way 18650 Battery Holder x1

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