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Fermion: 1.51" OLED Transparent Display with Converter (Breakout)

We have ✅ 1 available of the DF-DFR0934 in our Sydney warehouse. An extra 104 units will be available shortly.

Express post delivery (2-5 business days)
This is a 1.51” SSD1309 transparent monochrome OLED display (light blue) with a converter. It offers a resolution of 128×64 (The completely transparent area is 128×56. 
There is a small section near the pins that are not transparent but still can display content), full-view, and blue display. 
For convenience, the small converter comes with two available connections: GDI and SPI. And there are all kinds of display code samples for meeting the basic requirements of most users.

Connect Diagram

Transparent OLED display
Full-view display
High resolution
Blue display

Smart home transformation
DIY Desktop display
Interactive display for booth
3D Display

Working Voltage: 3.3V
View Angle: Full view
Driver Chip: SSD1309
Converter Interface: SPI and GDI
Adapter Size: 18 x 28mm/0.71 x 1.10inch
Display Area: 35.05 x 15.32 (mm)/1.40 x 0.60inch
Display Color: blue
Pixel Pitch: 0.274 x 0.274mm
Screen Size: 42x27mm/1.65 x 1.07inch
Working Temperature: -40~70 °C 


Shipping List
1.51" OLED Transparent Display x1
1.51" OLED Transparent Display Converter x1 
2.54 Black Single-row 7Pin Connector x1
FPC0.5-18PIN Reverse Direction Cable x1 

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