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Ordering Backordered / Overseas Parts

At Little Bird, we pride ourselves on shipping almost instantly!

If your order hasn't been dispatched immediately, it could be because you ordered a part that has a lead time.

We display our availability in numerous places on our website:

On Collection Pages: Inventory information is displayed on product collection pages.

Inventory information displayed on product collection pages

Quick Search Results: Inventory information is displayed in our Quick Search Results.

Inventory information displayed in our Quick Search Results

Product Pages: Inventory information is displayed on product pages.

Inventory information displayed on product page

We also indicate how a product will be delivered to you.

If a product is shipping directly from our Sydney warehouse, we note it on the product page with the following text: "Ships direct from Sydney."

If a product is coming from a supplier, or is on backorder, we indicate this with the wording: "Ships from OS via Sydney."

The stock delivery path is indicated on the product page.

Stock delivery path indicated on product page

Both the "Ships direct from Sydney" text and "Ships from OS via Sydney" link to our Shipping & Delivery information page, which includes clear explanations about the meaning of the text.

In addition to differentiating the two states with different text, we also highlight the differences between them by using different icons and colors.

In addition to displaying our live inventory numbers, we also use different colored backgrounds to clearly distinguish between the statuses.

We further reinforce expectations with the following text next to the various "Add to Cart" buttons:

Additional expectation setting

What is the difference between "Supplier dispatch lead time" and "Shipping method"

The difference lies in timing and control: Supplier dispatch lead time is the time it takes to prepare and send an order, controlled by the seller.

For products in our Sydney warehouse, this is insanely quick. If you're ordering a part that is coming from one of our suppliers, it will take additional time.

Shipping method (like Express Post, Parcel Post) refers to the courier service's delivery speed and features, affecting how quickly the order reaches you after dispatch.

Additional Expectation Setting

Unless you opted for split shipping, your entire order will be dispatched when all items are ready for dispatch. What influences the dispatch and delivery dates of my order? Several factors affect these dates, including:

  • Your location (beyond our control)
  • Supplier dispatch speeds (beyond our control)
  • International and state COVID restrictions (beyond our control)
  • Australia Post's delivery capacity (beyond our control)
  • And more

Most of these elements are outside our team's control.

Our team is committed to ensuring your satisfaction and aims to dispatch products as swiftly as possible.

If you chose Express Post during checkout, it accelerates the delivery by Australia Post once the parcel leaves our warehouse. However, it does not influence the dispatch ETA.

Regarding a more precise ETA, we will contact you if we anticipate missing the original ETA. We are unable to provide a more detailed ETA than what was provided at the time of ordering, as we share all available information with you.

Why can we purchase products from suppliers?

We allow backorders from our suppliers to offer you a wider selection for your projects. Our goal is to maximize your choices and freedoms. Additionally, the technical nature of our products means our customers are usually well-equipped to understand ETAs.

Regarding refunds:

Generally, we can process refunds. Please be aware that for orders paid by card, a 5% fee may apply to cover bank fees for processing and refunding your payment (unfortunately, this is due to bank policies).

If the part is coming in from a supplier, additional fees might need to be imposed.