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Shields in Breakouts, Boards & Electronics

Breakouts add handy functions to your microcontroller, be it a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or something else. They tend to be dedicated to just one or a couple of functions, like audio output, motor driving, or sensors, but can be built up into larger projects.
Crack the Code Shield

Crack the Code Shield [LB-CTCTHINK]

Crack the Code Shield $1770

Get it by Friday, Jan 28th

Ideal for classroom projects and Arduino beginners! Plugs into a standard Arduino or compatible board.This shield was developed  by Freetronics and  Powerhouse Museum (part of the Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences) in Sydney as an open s......

SparkFun Qwiic WiFi Shield - DA16200

SparkFun Qwiic WiFi Shield - DA16200 [SF-WRL-18567]


Ultra. Low. Power. Arguably the best three words in the IoT world. SparkFun has teamed up with ARM and Dialog to provide you with this Qwiic WiFi Shield based around the DA16200 module. The DA16200 is a fully integrated WiFi module with ......

SparkFun Spectrum Shield

SparkFun Spectrum Shield [SF-DEV-13116]

Spectrum Shield $4953

Get it by Tuesday, Feb 8th

The Spectrum Shield enables your Arduino with the capability of splitting a stereo audio input into 7-bands per channel. You can then read the amplitude of each channel using the ADC on your Arduino allowing you to control everything fro......

SparkFun MIDI Shield

SparkFun MIDI Shield [SF-DEV-12898]

MIDI Shield $4695

Get it by Tuesday, Feb 8th

The SparkFun MIDI Shield board gives your Arduino-based device access to the antiquated, but still widely used and well supported MIDI communication protocol, so you can control synthesizers, sequencers, and other musical devices. The MI......

MyoWare Cable Shield

MyoWare Cable Shield [SF-DEV-14109]

MyoWare Shield $715

Get it by Tuesday, Feb 8th

The MyoWare Muscle Sensor is now designed to be wearable, allowing you to attach biomedical sensor pads directly to the board itself. However, there still may be cases where you want to mount the sensor pads away from the other hardwar......

SparkFun Weather Shield

SparkFun Weather Shield [SF-DEV-13956]

Weather Shield $6430

The SparkFun Weather Shield is an easy-to-use Arduino shield that grants you access to barometric pressure, relative humidity, luminosity and temperature. There are also connections on this shield to optional sensors such as wind speed......

Arduino DMX Shield

Arduino DMX Shield [DF-DFR0260]

DMX Shield $3733

Get it by Friday, Jan 28th

The Arduino DMX shield is an add-on (or "shield") for the Arduino. It is an easy way to use the Arduino as a DMX-Master device, just by adding the DMX-shield on the top of the Arduino.This arduino DMX / RDM Shield is a low cost high qual......

Arduino RS232 Shield

Arduino RS232 Shield [DF-DFR0258]

RS232 Shield $1772

Get it by Friday, Jan 28th

This RS232 Shield For Arduino is designed for the Arduino controller,and it can easily convert UART to RS232 interface.The RS232 shield integrates DB9 connectors (female) that provide connection to various devices with RS232 interface.......

SparkFun WiFi Shield - ESP8266

SparkFun WiFi Shield - ESP8266 [SF-WRL-13287]

ESP8266 Shield $3087

Get it by Tuesday, Feb 8th

The SparkFun ESP8266 WiFi Shield is an Arduino compatible shield for the ESP8266 WiFi SoC – a leading platform for Internet of Things (IoT) or WiFi-related projects. There are a variety of designs based around the ESP8266, including ti......

Arduino Motor Shield R3

Arduino Motor Shield R3 [DF-DFR0406]

Motor Shield $6545

INTRODUCTION The Arduino Motor Shield is based on L298 (a dual full-bridge driver designed to drive inductive loads such as relays, solenoids, DC and stepping motors). It helps you drive two DC motors with Arduino bo......

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