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IO : bit is a functional expansion mini board for Micro:bit, which contains a miniature buzzer.

It is different from the general expansion board on the market, not just IO adapter board.



  • Plug and play, for Micro:bit
  • With Lego mounting holes, for KittenBot
  • With miniature buzzer
  • Size: 3.7 x 5.7 cm
  • PCB board: 1.6mm


Package Included:

1x IO expansion board (Micro:bit not included)

The Micro:bit Expansion Board Adapter appears in the following collections:


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tuan Minh Duong
1 out of 6 servo motors doesn't work

1 out of 6 servo motors doesn't work, it seems to be broken. Apply power but no rotation at all. Other five work OK.

Anna Maessen
Couldn't work any better

It slotted in perfectly and without any issue, all the pins were clear to read and the package came quite quickly so I got my assignment done on time!

Andrew McGee
Micro:bit Expansion Board Adapter

This is a great little expansion board that allows you to break the chains of the Micro:bit and start using it for some interesting and fun controller projects. It's economical but well made and fits on to the Micro:bit IO pins snugly. The low profile is good because it doesn't add a lot of unnecessary bulk to your set up.

For example using this board to connect the IO pins of your Micro:bit to an LED dot matrix display such as the Little Bird 8x8 dot matrix display here:

Or go wild and connect multiple LED matrix displays to create your own scrolling message board! All controlled and programmed by the Micro:bit with the help of this Expansion Board Adapater which makes the pin outs much more accessible.

If you need help with the code extensions and connections to control the MAX7219 with 8x8 LED matrix then check this repo here for more info:

Thumbs up - recommend!

Roy Anderson
Micro:bit Expansion Board Adapter

Great value and excellent service thanks!