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This is the Vernier Photogate, a new take on the traditional photogate. By emitting a beam of infrared light from one upright to the other, the Photogate can detect when an object passes between the upright gates, breaking the beam. Not only can this Photogate detect objects moving through the interior of itself but also outside by means of a “laser gate”. Simply close a mechanical shutter to block the internal IR gate and shine a laser pen (not included) into the laser gate hole found on the thinner gate arm.

Additionally, the Vernier Photogate can be daisy chained so up to four photogates can be connected to a single channel, connecting the last one directly to the interface.

Vernier Software and Technology has been a leader in data collection and analysis for educators world-wide. They were amongst the first companies to design and promote the use of computers, sensors, and data collection in K-12 classroom laboratory experiments.

Note: Due to manufacturer’s restrictions, we can only ship these to the USA. Sorry world!


  • Power Required: 5 VDC at 40 mA
  • Infrared source: Peak at 880 nm
  • Dimension: 75 mm gate width


  • 1x Vernier Photogate
  • 1x Accessory Rod
  • 1x British Telecom Cable


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SKU SF-SEN-12876