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M5IotKit. This is a feast of IoT stuff, powered by M5Stack. It is an all-in-one Learning board, powered by ESP32, which includes anything you can imagine in an IoT + industrial application scenarios. Let’s see what you can do with it: Robotic movement, the most commonly used serial communication port(RS485 RS232), Relay control, all different types of Button control, RF reader, speaker, Microphone and more all able to develope by an M5stack core device, so you can program this board with Blockly(UIFlow), Arduino, and Micropython. Based on application scenarios, we’ve partitioned them into different functional parts with the good-looking layout and full-function performance. Here comes the most powerful IIoT learning board.

Product Feature

  • Fully Compatible with the M5Stack stackable and extendable system
  • Protoboard, M5-BUS extension
  • Each module comes with an individual power switch.
  • Environment Sensor set ( Temperature, Humility, barometric pressure, light intensity, and Microphone )
  • Joystick Controller
  • 8 Channel of Realy output
  • 4x DAC,4x ADC
  • 4x4 button matrix
  • 8x8 RGB LED matrix
  • Encoder
  • 1x Servo
  • DC-Motor(with feedback encoder)
  • step motor with four-phase five-wire
  • Radio frequency identification Reader
  • RS-458,RS232 series communication


  • 1x M5IotKit learning board
  • 1x Power Aapter
  • 1x Dupont cable set
Module Nameworking VoltagePatameterADC5V4x ADC port/ADS1115DAC5V4x DAC port/DAC6574Joystick3.3Vaxis-X/Y potentiometer input, axis-Z button inputDHT123.3VI2C address 0x5CBMP2803.3VI2C address 0x76Light3.3VA/D sampling supported, adjustable thresholdMicrophone3.3VA/D sampling supported, adjustable thresholdRelay5V8 channels /3A-220V-AC/3A-30V-DCRBG LED5V8x8 LED matrixServo5V10KG torsionDC-Motor5Vfeedback encoder/LV8548MCStepmotor5V4-phase 5 wires LV8548MCRFID3.3VRead & Write distance: < 8 cm/ MFRC522RS4855VSP485EEN-L/TRRS2325VMAX232ESEEncode
Encoder buttonProto
170x holesKeyboard

4x4 button matrix




Arduino IDE

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SKU M5-K024