Two Colour LED Module [LB-24-2-LED]

Two Colour LED Module

Two Colour LED Module [LB-24-2-LED]

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There are three pins:

Signal: This pin is a signal pin, and can be used to emit a green light

Middle Pin : This pin is another signal pin, and can be used to emit a red light

GND: Though it is labelled '-' on the module, this is the ground pin also known as 'GND'. What is 'GND'? In electronics, we define a point in a circuit to be a kind of zero volts or 0V reference point, on which to base all other voltage measurements. This point is called ground or GND.

Voltage is the difference in electric potential between two points. As it is difficult to talk about voltage without a reference point, we need another point to compare it to.

You might have noticed an 'R1' on the module, this stands for 'resistor'. However, the resistor here is actually a 0Ω resistor,  so we will need to use external resistors in the circuit!

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