TPBot STEM Car - micro bit robot [EF-EF08223]

TPBot STEM Car - micro bit robot

TPBot STEM Car - micro bit robot [EF-EF08223]

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Creative Programming Partner for Children
In essence, that’s the story of TPBot Smart Car. It looks like a toy and it definitely works like one: you or your kid can just have fun with it, namely using it for line tracking or for obstacles avoidance. However, once you insert the micro:bit motherboard, this becomes a micro:bit programmable smart car that offers your kids the chance of learning code and some micro bit robot essentials while playing.
This is where TPBot’s Smart Car’s magic lies. Created by the BBC, the micro:bit motherboard is a pocket-sized computer that can be programmed to operate multiple functionalities, allowing children to easily learn programming while enjoying the journey as an entertainment activity. On the other hand, MakeCode editor is a Microsoft editor that provides an easy way for children to start programming and to get creative with the micro:bit motherboard. TPBot Smart Car uses both technologies combined to allow your kids to have a blast while becoming programming gurus without even thinking about it!
  • Micro:bitUser BBC's motherboard programmable pocket-sized computer
  • ModularAllows electronic modules to add and explore different functionalities
  • FunWork as a normal toy without inserting the micro:bit motherboard
  • Limitless possiblilitieAllow children to create and implement countless functions as preferred
  • MakeCodeUses Microsoft's editor for an easy and playful programming journey
  • Toy Bricks-CompatibleCompatible with toy brick to allow for endless creative constructions
  • DidacticWorks as an engaging and playful programming educational tool for kids
Children are naturally curious. They’re learning about everything all the time, which is why they ask so many questions and easily absorb impressive amounts of information. After all, they have to—that’s a fundamental step in the development of every adult human being. So challenging and stimulating the thinking ability of children is a vital way to help them become smart, creative, practical and critical thinking individuals. TPBot Smart Car can play a major role in helping your kid grow in a smarter and truly creative way.
By teaching children how to program, deal with obstacles and challenges and find coding solutions for them within the scope of functionalities it offers, TPBot Smart Car exposes your kids to the necessity of critically thinking about what is presented to them and of becoming problem-solvers. As your kids play with TPBot Smart Car, they will be permanently challenged and stimulated to think, code and create. After all, there’s no better way to grow than growing in a way that gets you used to finding advanced solutions to stimulating challenges.
  • Develop teamwork skills since TPBot Smart Car is excellent for group avtivities
  • Strengthen their intelligence,creative thinking and problem-solving abilities
  • Learn to exercise logical programming thinking
  • Naturally step into the world of graphic programming without feeling intimidated by complex courses
  • Improve their ability to express themselves as a natural part of the process
  • Participate in a shared learning experience of programming where sharing ideas is part of the process
As an advanced didactic toy, TPBot Smart Car is compatible with toy bricks, allowing your kids to build and test different structures. At the same time, this smart car is also expandable through electronic modules that allow your kids to build on the expandable smart functionalities that they are free to explore and add to the car.
You or your children can control TPBot Smart Car’s movements so that it follows your planned route—or you can simply let it run freely, in which case it will act as if it was a pet. Yes, this is your new pet micro bit robot… although this is a smart car that does far more than conventional micro bit robot toys—and you decide through code what it is that it does! 
TPBot Smart Car can also be controlled remotely via the 4-direction Joystick:bit with its 4 undefined buttons and its micro:bit motherboard. This works as a gamified remote control of the device that your kids will program to work in certain ways and which they may remotely operate from the Joystick:bit.
 TPBot Smart Car is equipped with a four-way sensor connection at the rear and a four-way servo connection. It also works with Planet X Series Sensors in which not only its chips are connected, but it also knows where it’s going and where it stands—so it won’t just mindlessly bump against obstacles. Use more external sensors (such as gesture recognition, or AI cameras) to achieve all kinds of functions you want!
Imagine your kid using the ‘gesture control’ functionality to control TPBot Smart Car, which will recognize and interact with your child’s movements without any kind of physical contact. It sounds like magic, but that’s exactly one of the features of this smart car. Oh, that and its intelligent AI camera, which smartly moves along the ball, completing the fascinating set of features that this smart car offers! 
A gadget that stimulates the imagination of children must necessarily be versatile. That’s why TPBot Smart Car comes with lock-joints on both sides of the body and bumps on the top that allow you or your children to create any personalized appearances and to give expression to any creative functions you want it to have. Play football with it, turn it into a police car and organize group chases, make it be seen in the dark by automatically turning on its lights, or make it a carrier car—the possibilities are as many as you can imagine. It’s just a matter of using your creativity to make them a reality!
By giving children the chance of arranging and assembling TPBot Smart Car , we’re actually creating the perfect setting that lets them understand how it works, the possibilities it offers, and how they can make the most of these functionalities by genuinely being inventive. After all, countless functions can be activated through a wide variety of codes that your kids can program and execute.
 If you think that TPBot Smart Car comes with a steep and challenging learning curve, you’ll be happy to know it doesn’t. The TPBot Smart Car Programming courses include the Elecfreaks Wiki, a programming knowledge base for children that will easily teach them how to use and program the car—from the beginning to mastering the smart car and the functionalities it offers through programming.
Product Name: TPBot Smart Car(micro bit robot)
Controller: micro:bit board(optional)
Coding Method: Makecode graphical programming/Python
Main Function: Entertainment mode/Programming mode
Compatible: Standard toy brick attachment
Expandable: A four-way sensor connection and a four-way servo connection
Dimension: 113mm*128mm*90mm
Battery: 4*1.5V Dry cells
Content List: TPBot Smart Cart*1 Sticker*1 User manual*1 Line-tracking map *1
In the Box:
TPBot Smart Car | 1
Sticker(s) | 1
Map | 1
Manual book | 1
Batteries | 4

Note - does not include the Micro:bit

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