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We have ✅ 20 available of the LB-TILT in our Sydney warehouse.

Express post delivery (2-5 business days)

A tilt sensor is a type of sensor that allows the detection of orientation, and are tiny, inexpensive and low-power components. They can be used as a simple way to detect orientation.

How it works: Tilt sensors are typically cylindrically shaped tubes with a conductive object such as a rolling ball contained within. When the sensor is tilted downwards, the conductive ball no longer completes the circuit. But when returned to the normal upward position, the balls make contact and the circuit is completed.

It has three pins:

DO: Digital Output


3.3V  :  'VCC' stands for Voltage Common Collector, we'll connect the VCC pin to 3.3V

We have a guide for hooking this module up to your Micro:bit but it also works well with Arduino.

The Tilt Sensor Module appears in the following collections: