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We have ✅ 5 available of the AF-5384 in our Sydney warehouse. An extra 100 units will be available shortly.

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This 4-wire cable is a little over 300mm / 11.8" long and fitted with JST-SH female 4-pin connectors on both ends. Compared with the chunkier JST-PH these are 1mm pitch instead of 2mm, but still have a nice latching feel, while being easy to insert and remove.
This cable can be used with Qwiic boards, to easily connect sensors and drivers to boards with 0.1" socket headers or to solder-less breadboards. When used with Qwiic the colors are:
  • Red - 3.3VDC Power
  • Black - Ground
  • Blue - I2C SDA Data
  • Yellow - I2C SCL Clock
We've interleaved the data wire with ground and power to reduce cross-talk, but note that this cable is long for an I2C connection, so you may have difficulty using it with 1MHz/800KHz or even 400KHz signals. Try lowering your I2C clock if you're getting connection or data issues.

The STEMMA QT / Qwiic JST SH 4-Pin Cable - 300mm long appears in the following collections:

SKU AF-5384

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Dean G
Great service

Well packed and does job nicely.