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The BGM220 Explorer Kit from Silicon Labs is an ultra-low cost, small form factor development and evaluation platform for the BGM220P Bluetooth® Module. The kit includes a mikroBUS™ socket and Qwiic connector, allowing users to add features to the kit with a large selection of off-the-shelf boards.

Programming the BGM220 Explorer Kit is easily done using a USB Micro-B cable and the on-board J-Link debugger. A USB virtual COM port provides a serial connection to the target application, and the Packet Trace Interface (PTI) offers invaluable debug information about transmitted and received packets in wireless links. The BGM220 Explorer Kit is supported in Simplicity Studio™ and a Board Support Package (BSP) is provided to give application developers a flying start.

Connecting external hardware to the BGM220 Explorer Kit can be done using the 20 breakout pads which present peripherals from the BGM220P Wireless Gecko such as I2C, SPI, UART and GPIOs. The mikroBUS socket allows inserting mikroBUS add-on boards which interface with the BGM220P through SPI, UART or I2C. The Qwiic connector can be used to connect hardware from the Qwiic Connect System through I2C.

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