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We have ✅ 75 available of the RP-SC1163 in our Sydney warehouse.

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Introducing the Raspberry Pi 5 RTC Battery, a reliable backup solution that ensures your Raspberry Pi 5's RTC (real time clock) remains powered. Rely on the superior quality of the Panasonic ML-2020 Lithium Manganese Dioxide battery to keep your Raspberry Pi 5 operational.
Key Features:
  1. High-Quality Panasonic ML-2020 Battery: Made with Lithium Manganese Dioxide technology, expect long-lasting and consistent performance.
  2. Easy-to-Connect Design: With its two-pin plug, the battery is effortlessly compatible with the dedicated connector on the new Raspberry Pi 5 PCB.
  3. Flexible Placement: The provided double-sided adhesive pad ensures secure attachment, be it inside a Raspberry Pi case or any other preferred location, making sure the battery remains stable.
  • Seamless Power Backup for RTC: Rest assured knowing your Raspberry Pi 5's RTC has a backup energy source, allowing it to keep time when the power goes out!
  • Compact and Unobtrusive: Its sleek design ensures minimal footprint, integrating seamlessly into your Raspberry Pi setup.
  • Durable and Reliable: The premium Panasonic battery ensures you won’t need frequent replacements.
In the Box:
  • Raspberry Pi 5 Battery (Panasonic ML-2020)
  • Two-Pin Plug Connector
  • Double-Sided Adhesive Pad
For those who value uninterrupted performance and want a secure power backup for their Raspberry Pi 5's RTC, this battery is an essential accessory.

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