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This Arduino-compatible module uses three TI TLC5940 PWM LED chips to drive a 4x4 array of RGB LEDs. Each color is controlled by a different chip so you can adjust the reference resistors for the appropriate current. The TLC5940 chips are not directly connected to any Arduino pins, but a header is provided for you to make a manual connection depending on the needs of your sketch.

Up to 16 of these modules can be serially connected to make a fantastic LED wall or a LED circle.

It can be directly connected with Arduino via F/M cables. If you want ,you can also connect it to Interface shield through an IDC2x5 cables,and then plug the Interface shield to Arduino.

NOTE: This is a Un-assembled Kit, you need soldering skill to assemble it. A tutorial is available as a reference.
If you feel the assignment of the leds is not good enough, you could assign the LEDs in a custom pattern by wiring to the LED driving holes.


  • Supply Power:DC 5v
  • RGB LED: common anode
  • IDC2x5 Serial Data Interface
  • 4x4 array of RGB LEDs
  • TLC5940 LED driver
  • 16 Channels RGB LED with PWM control
  • Size:78x45x12mm (3x1.8x0.5'')
  • Interface:
    • D13(SCK)TLC5940 SCLK
    • D10(SS) TLC5940 BLANK
    • D11(MOSI) TLC5940 SIN
    • D9 TLC5940 XLAT
    • D3 TLC5940 GSCLK



  • RGB Module PCB board x1
  • RGB LEDs x16
  • IDC10 Interface x1
  • TLC5940NT chips x3
  • DIP28 socket x3
  • Jumper cap x1
  • 20pin row needles x1

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