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Raspberry Pi Zero 2 WH - with soldered headers

We have ✅ 37 available of the LB-ZERO2-HEADER in our Sydney warehouse.

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Raspberry Pi Zero 2 WH

Imagine a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W. Now add a professionally soldered header done with love by our team in Sydney. Boom, that’s the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 WH! It’s your same great-tasting Pi, with a brand-new…crust? It’s perfect for everyone who doesn’t own a soldering iron or who wants the soldering legwork done for them. 

What you can do with the Zero 2 WH

What can’t you do? Am I right?! The small size of the Zero W makes it perfect for projects with minimal wiggle-room. In such projects, some people have no need for GPIO pins — they simply solder directly to the board. However, there are many instances where you do want a header on your Zero 2 W, for example in order to easily take advantage of the GPIO expander tool for Debian Stretch on a PC or Mac.

Other uses for a Zero 2 W with a header

The GPIO expander setup is just one of a multitude of uses for a Raspberry Pi Zero W with a header. You may want the header for prototyping before you commit to soldering wires directly to a board. Or you may have a temporary build in mind for your Zero W, in which case you won’t want to commit to soldering wires to the board at all.

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Customer Reviews

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Peter Runge
Driving an e-ink display, working great

I'm using the Pi to drive an e-ink display, and it's working great so far. Not having to do the header myself is really handy since I suck at soldering.