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Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3 is a compact camera from Raspberry Pi. Featuring autofocus and a 12-megapixel sensor, and supported by Raspberry Pi's Picamera2 Python library, Camera Module 3 gives you excellent image quality with precise control.
Camera Module 3 Standard features a 75-degree diagonal angle of view. No additional lens is required to use this camera; it is ready to go as-is! Camera Module 3 is available in telephoto and wide-angle variants, both of which are available with or without an infrared cut filter.
Camera Module 3 can be used to take full HD video as well as still photographs and features an HDR mode up to 3 megapixels. Its operation is fully supported by the libcamera library, including Camera Module 3’s rapid autofocus feature: this makes it easy for beginners to use, while offering plenty for advanced users. Camera Module 3 is compatible with all Raspberry Pi computers.
The PCB size and mounting holes remain the same as for Camera Module 2. The Z dimension differs: due to the improved optics, Camera Module 3 is several millimeters taller than Camera Module 2. That means you cannot use our cute camera case!
Comes with a 200mm long flexible cable for connecting to a Raspberry Pi computer; if it's too short/long, we have a range of Raspberry Pi Camera Cables in various lengths you can use here.

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