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PiRelay 8 with LCD Display with LCD display

The PiRelay 8 is a relay expansion board that can control up to 8 appliances/devices with photo-coupling isolation with load up to 250V AC/7 A, 30V DC/10 A, and a trigger voltage of 3.3 V. It allows users to safely control high voltages or current devices. 

The PiRelay 8 has enough space for the 4.3" LCD to fit comfortably, allowing the user to operate the device with ease. One of the best features on the PiRelay 8 board is the 5 V/2A USB power port. The Raspberry Pi receives power directly from the PiRelay 8 board.

The PiRelay 8 has 8 high-quality relays that can withstand loads up to 250 VAC/7A and 30VDC/10A. We added a safety component called the Optocoupler EL357NC in the 8 Channel that functions as a photo coupling isolator in the circuits to ensure safe communication.

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