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Octopus 2 Channel Tracking Module has integrated two groups of reflective infrared pair diode, which can be used to identify black lines. This module is usually used to make line tracking smart cars. We can design black track at will and make our cars follow it through programming.


Strong anti-interference by using infrared detection.

Positioning holes are compatible with main-stream smart car chassis.

With two GVS connectors and a 4-pin soldering plate.

Easily connected with two 3-wire GVS jumper cables.

 Quick Start

Hardware Connection

Connect this module to your micro:bit car.

Connect the left port to P13 and the right port to P14. (Based on the driver's angle of view)

Code Example

You can see the whole program from the link here


Place the car on the black line, turn on the switch, then it will move forward along the black line.





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