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We have ✅ 16 available of the DF-FIT0179 in our Sydney warehouse. An extra 88 units will be available shortly.

Express post delivery (2-5 business days)
Miniature Single Pole Single Throw switches. These are high quality Omron type B3F momentary on switches. Perfect as a tactile reset switch. Mounts directly into standard bread boards also prototype shield. Rated up to 50mA.


  • Maximum ratings: DC 12V 50mA
  • Operation temperature range: -25~70°C (normal humidity, normal press) 
  • Storage temperature range: -30~80°C (normal humidity, normal press)
  • Dimension: 6*6.5*7mm(0.24"x0.26"x0.28") (Details in datasheet)



  • Mini Push Button Switch x1

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