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Introducing the Mega-10 Magnifier, an essential addition to every budding explorer's toolkit. This compact wonder features lenses offering both 4x and 10x magnification, as well as a set of tweezers for precise specimen handling. While pocket-sized, it boasts impressive durability and a design tailored to small hands.

Key Features:
The Mega-10 Magnifier is a powerhouse of a magnifying glass. In addition to the traditional 4x wide-angle lens, it also includes a specialized 9x narrow-focus lens, enabling you to explore the finest details with ease.

Safety Assurance:
Rest assured that all our products are rigorously tested and certified as non-toxic and free from BPA, prioritizing safety for young explorers.

Product Details:

  • Origin: Crafted in China
  • Weight: 77.11 grams (2.72 ounces)

The Mega-10 Magnifier is your ticket to a world of close-up discoveries, providing young explorers with the power to uncover hidden wonders and ignite their curiosity.

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SKU SA-622116