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We have ✅ 25 available of the LB-MAKER-ORANGE in our Sydney warehouse.

Express post delivery (2-5 business days)

How many pockets does an OTG (On The Go) maker need to carry their boards, wires, miscellanea when away from their desk? The world may never know. Instead of chucking your Raspberry Pi or Micro:bit into the abyss of your cargo pants, backpack, or purse, you can pick up a Maker Case!

We got one of these with some electronics we bought online and fell in love with it as these are the exact perfect size for hackers and makers who have projects they carry to/from events, work or school. Not too big and not too small, these are perfect for packing your microprocessor or single-board-computer of choice. There's even a little pocket on the inside that you can use to tuck in accessories like USB cables, probes, jumper wires, extra batteries, etc!

This pouch will easily fit your whoosits and whatsits galore under 120 x 60 x 20mm (you can go thicker if you don't use the pocket). 

The Maker Case 12cm appears in the following collections: