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Make: Electronics (Charles Platt) - 2nd Edition

Have you always wanted to learn electronics, but were intimidated by other books and overly-technical websites? Now you can learn the fundamentals of electronics in a fun and experiential way with Charles Platt's Make: Electronics - Second Edition!

Platt walks you through all sorts of new experiments with more than 500 full color photographs and witty illustrations. Now even includes coverage of Arduino! 

Get step-by-step instructions on building working devices that demonstrate fundamentals such as voltage, amperage, resistance, inductance, and capacitance. You'll learn all of the basic components and important principles through a series of "learn by discovery" experiments. Then tackle more complex electronics concepts, including analog/digital conversion, logic gates, and integrated circuits. Along the way, you'll learn valuable tips and techniques, always with crystal clear explanations of what you're doing and why. And you don't need to know a thing about electricity to get started!

In this Second Edition:

  • Completely new text throughout
  • Tons of new projects and updates
  • Smaller, more afforable range of components
  • Start out by breaking things -- experiment with components and learn why you experience failure!
  • Set up a tricked-out project space -- your own at-home work area, equipped with all of the tools and parts you'll need for the experiments in this book
  • Learn about all of the key electronic components and their functions within a circuit through a series of clearly presented, well-illustrated experiments
  • Create a car alarm, holiday lights, wearable electronic jewelry, audio generators, a crystal radio, and a touch-sensitive lamp
  • Work with brushed DC and stepper motors to understand their principles and applications
  • Learn about programmable microcontrollers by building an automous robot cart that can sense its environment and avoid obstacles.

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