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This is a PWM driver board with four adjustment methods, namely, Python code direct control, PC host computer control, UART communication programming control, and potentiometer manual control. 
It is used in application scenarios such as DC motor speed control and light adjustment.
This product supports 5V~24V wide voltage input, and has a load capacity of 10A, which can drive a DC motor of about 10W or a LED strip light of about 5 meters.
It is suitable for water pump water volume control, cooling fan speed control, light brightness adjustment, power tool transformation, motor/LED strip product testing, motor speed automation control, lighting effect automation control and other scenes.

Board Overview

Product Dimension

Simple and easy to use
Python code programming, no motherboard or adapter required. 

Plug and play
Windows software control, no programming required, 
UART communication control
Convenient for long-term use of embedded equipment.
External potentiometer control
Manual control, no programming required.
Standard MODBUS protocol
The protocol is public, and you can flexibly customize your own control method.
5V~24V wide voltage support
Suitable for various motors and light strips.
Driven by high current MOS tube, load capacity of 10A

Python code control
1. Connect the USB interface, you can directly use Python code to automatically control the motor speed and lighting effect. No additional motherboard or adapter is required.
2. Can be very conveniently used on Windows computers, Apple computers, Raspberry Pi, industrial computers or LattePanda.
USB port communication, computer control
1. When remaking a PC cooling fan, cooling water pump, etc, you can manually control the device on PC, or make it be automatically adjusted by reading the CPU temperature. 
2. Because the host computer can accurately adjust the frequency and duty ratio, this driver can be used to test dc motor or light strip products, or to optimize small equipment.
3. Make a small fan whose wind speed can be automatically adjusted or controlled on the computer. Just plug in the USB to use.
4. MODBUS communication protocol.
UART communication, programming control
1. Create a project with special effects, or turn it on at a specific time, or adjust lighting effects, or use it with sensors. For example, a fan that automatically adjusts the wind force, and a light strip that automatically changes its brightness.
2. Automatic control of the water output of the fish tank or watering pump.
3. Automatic control of festival atmosphere lights.
Manual control of potentiometer
1. Home appliance renovation, making adjustable fans.
2. Electric tool production, transformation, adjustable speed.
3. lighting effects control of light strip. 

Input Voltage Range: 5V~24V
Maximum Control Current: 10A
PWM Duty Ratio Adjustment Range: 0~255
PWM Frequency Adjustment Range: 183Hz ~ 46875Hz
Number of PWM Channels: 1 channel
Start/Stop Button: x1
Control Mode: 
       External potentiometer adjustment
       UART communication control
       USB port host computer control
       Python control
USB Interface: Type-C
UART Interface: PH2.0-4P
External Potentiometer Interface: 2.54 pin header, binding post
Mounting Hole Size: 30mm x 50mm, diameter 3.1mm 
PCB Size: 37mm x 57mm / 1.46 x 2.24 inches


Shipping List
Light & Motor Driver for Python x1
Gravity 4P Cable (Connect to UART) x1

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